# Why I write publicly

# Who is the primary audience

Me. I believe I am the primary audience for this blog. Yes, it is out in public and I hope others find it useful (after all I am sharing things I found beneficial) but this primarily for me.

Then the next logical question is why is public then? Why not just leave it in my private notes. Here are two reasons why:

# Higher Standard of Quality

If it's going to stay on my laptop there is no reason for it to be well written. By making it public I am giving myself a very clear incentive to produce work at an acceptable quality. Such that if a digital stranger wanders by they leave with a good impression or at least not a terrible one.

# Accountablity

This is because there is a very clear boundary. There is a distinct measurable end goal. With a lot of creative work, be it extensive notes or open-source code it tends to lounge in the 80 to 90% done category. This blog provides the impetus to get it to 100% and publish.

# Is this a blog

I initially thought of it as a blog. However, that doesn't seem like a good fit. I have been inspired by two different but similar notions: Digital Garden and Knowledge Dump. This is my first pass at making a proper knowledge management system. It's not pretty but its mine.

# Digital Garden

My blog is a digital garden (opens new window)

How blogs broke the web (opens new window)

Building a digital garden (opens new window)

# Knowledge Dump

Jethro Kuan (opens new window)

Andy Matuschak (opens new window)

Nikita Voloboev (opens new window)

Dmitrii Gerasimov (opens new window)

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